The earth’s soil is a precious asset.
It holds three times the amount of carbon that is in our air.
It is a fantastic water storage facility: it can store large amounts of water during heavy rainfall and can hold this so that it becomes available during water shortage.
It is the source of biodiversity.
37% of the earth’s soil is in use for the production of our food:
Our farmers are therefore of crucial importance for managing our soil and earth’s quality.
That is on the long run as important as producing our food today.
Sustainable soil management is a service to us all for which the farmers should be paid based on results and a fair price.
ESTI, the ‘Ecosystem Services Trading Initiative’ is the platform, the market, on which these ecosystem services are being traded:
It brings all parties together: farmers, enterprises big and small, individuals, NGO’s and governments and as such ensures a healthy market.
This voluntary market is based on a high reliability of the ecosystem services, against a low cost for control and trading.
This will guarentee that the results of this market directly benefit those to whom it belongs: the farmer.
As a financial incentive to take even better care of our most precious treasure: the earth.
Optimizing the Ecosystem market
ESTI will optimize the CO2 market to ensure it becomes available for large, medium and small farmers and/or projects.
After that we will focus on creating a market for water storage and biodiversity.
Because also these are equally important for a sustainable environment for us all.

Our believes and values

Our Plans and Targets

ESTI, the ‘Ecosystem Services Trading Platform’ is a start up company. We want a fundamentally different model for the production of our food. An inclusive model in which managing the soil’s quality is as important as the production of our food and as such a source of income, an incentive for the farmer.

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