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Aart van den Bos

For more than 20 years I am active worldwide, working to make agricultural systems more sustainable. I am driven by the possibilities of innovative ways finance can help make agriculture more sustainable and believe we have the power to create a positive impact whereby market mechanisms play an important role. Because of my extensive experience in working with small farmers that are growing crops in an ecological way, I see potential and am committed to make meaningful connections between innovative finance and small farmers.

Teun Biemond

Being a farmer’s son I have experienced firsthand how farmers are getting squeezed in (value) chains with short term interests (minimizing cost prize, quarterly results, etc). As a result of this, raw materials and consumables are shipped around the whole world with clear disastrous consequences for soil, climate, health and wellbeing. I am convinced that, through capitalization of sustainability, we can get back to a healthy society in which consumers and producers share their common interests. Globally. And this without the richest 1% of the planet profiting from the 50% poorest people at thousands kilometers of distance.

Frank Sloot

I have worked for almost 30 years as a business consultant for mostly (multi)national companies in the food and beverage industry. In doing so, I gathered deep insights in the entire food production- and distribution chain and the powers at play. This chain is dominated by a few big companies, of which the farmers, consumers and our climate are the victim. Time for me to change my focus. Through ESTI we can and will contribute to a better climate, heathier food and an extra source of income for the farmers.

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