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Compensate your CO2 emission. And more

Circular crop
Clients and consumers are looking for products and services that positively contribute to our climate: climate neutral French fries, a climate neutral car or couch.
You can offer such a product or service by compensating your own CO2 emission or offer your clients a direct opportunity to compensate the CO2 emission of the product or service they just bought.
However, more is needed to reduce the earths global warming: become CO2 negative. Get inspired by Microsoft’s pledge.

Reliable, local CO2 reduction. And more.

CO2 sequestration in the earths soil can only be accomplished through good soil management: preferably no chemical fertilizer, minimum tillage and as much as possible biodiverse vegetation.
ESTI has developed a cheap, yet very reliable, control protocol, that makes it possible for local farmers, big and small, to trade their CO2 storage.
CO2 storage is only the beginning! Good soil management also leads to avoidance of other emissions, better water storage and more biodiversity. Results that are as important for a better quality of life.

Farmers are the earths stewards

37% of our earth is agricultural land. Good management of the soil is therefore of crucial importance to the world. ESTI offers farmers a new business model to manage our earth in a good and positive way.
The ecosystem services good soil management provides are crucially important, and farmers need to earn money for it. Next to the food they produce, this is the second product they provide.
We believe that only an economically feasible model will provide a long-term solution. A solution you can contribute to by buying ESTI certificates!

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