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Become the earth’s steward and create a new business model

Good soil management leads to CO2 sequestration, improved water storage and biodiversity. Ecosystem services that are important for us all.
These ecosystem services have a value and will be traded on a free market. Starting with CO2 because such a market already exists.
This market operates separate from the production of food. Experience has shown that additional production activities with regard to sustainability seldom (and never longterm) lead to an increased food price.

What does good soil management mean?

The quality of the soil is improved by increasing the organic matter content with the right qualities as food for the different categories of soil ecosystem species.
Improved organic matter content not only leads to ecosystem services, but also improves food quality and quantity and the resilience of the farming system.
Improved organic matter is accomplished through e.g. the reduction of tillage, growing soil covering plants, adapting cropping schemes and using organic fertilizer iso chemical fertilizer.

How does ESTI, the ‘Ecosystem Services Trading Initiative’ work?

We develop a cheap, yet reliable, control protocol making it economically feasible for small projects and volumes.
We do this by making use of existing tools and advisors you already employ. Efficient and reliable for you as a farmer and cheap in execution. No upfront investment is required.
ESTI takes care of the control protocol and the trading platform. We charge a limited transaction based fee to make this possible.

How can you participate?

Contact ESTI ( and describe which measures you have taken, or are planning to take, for good soil management.
With use of existing tools, e.g. the Cool Farm Tool, we help you calculate the amount of CO2 per hectare per year, you store and avoid to emit.
ESTI converts this into certificates that will be traded. At the end of each year we will pay your sold certificates.

Support Us?

In case you want to support us with knowledge, network, finance, experience or any other way.

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